I was made to have sex with his mates, even though I didn’t want to. I felt I had to, cos he has been so nice to me I wanted to make him happy.

Names and other details have been changed to protect identities


He told me he loved me but I realised it wasn’t true...


“Things at home are challenging – my two older brothers have learning disabilities and mum and dad’s attention are always on caring for them and meeting their daily needs.


Now I am 14, I understand a bit better how difficult it must be for my parents, but when I was 11, I felt really alone and unloved, I felt like mum and dad didn’t even notice I existed. I didn’t want to go home.


So I used to hang round the local park and got talking to some boys who were 18. They were really cool. They’d talk to me and be interested in what I had to say. One boy in particular, Craig, paid special attention to me. He’d flirt with me and tell me I was cute.


Over time, me and Craig got really close and would separate from the rest of the group. He’d buy me presents such as perfume and lipstick and clothes so I’d look extra cute.


Soon I started not even bothering with school, I’d just go to Craig’s flat even though his mates where there. He wouldn’t let me out of this sight, told me I was special and I was his. I was flatted, no one had ever paid so much attention to me before. He was the one I knew it!


Then one time, we went to one of his mate’s house - I hadn’t met this mate before. He told me that if I loved him as much as he loved me, then I’d do what he told me to do to his mates.


I was made to have sex with his mates, even though I didn’t want to. I felt I had to, cos he has been so nice to me I wanted to make him happy.


But it didn’t make me feel happy. I started to be really sad and not take care of myself properly. I just didn’t want to try any more. When I did got to school, other girls would call me stinky.


At this point, I’d go missing from home for days on end when Craig would take me to other mate’s houses to be nice to them too. Mum and dad just didn’t understand.


That’s when mum reported me missing and the social services got involved. It turned out to be a real life saver.


My social worker found me a one to one youth worker who would listen to me and not judge. I told her how I felt and she helped me deal with the abuse and recognise that I was in control and could make it stop. She helped me report Craig to the police and even they were really helpful and understanding.


My youth worker even helped smoothed things over at home, it turned out my mum and dad were really worried about me.


Now things are going great - mum and I spend some time on our own each week and we even sometimes go shopping. I like that. I’m back at dance club after school each week and I event go to a performing arts workshop too. I’d like to train to be a dancer professionally when I leave school. I’m also back at school and really enjoying it. I don’t run away from home anymore and I’ve not seen Craig either.”