Sometimes it can be difficult to spot the signs of CSE, but if you or someone you know has been asked to do sexual things in return for something then they may have been sexually exploited, even if the person who did it was a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend.


If you’ve ever been asked to do any of the following, you may have been sexually exploited:


• Threaten to end your relationship if you don’t have sex

•  Ask or make you have sex with other people

• Expect sex in return for food or a place to stay

• Share drugs or alcohol with you in return for sexual acts

• Threaten to stop being friends if you don’t perform sexual ‘dares’

• Give you gifts or money in return for sexual acts

• Ask you to take sexual photos of yourself or share them online or by text

• Threaten to humiliate or share sexual images of you if you don’t carry out more
   sex acts



If you are a parent/carer and are worried about your child, click here to find out more about CSE warning signs.